Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th January

In today's lesson i did some primary research on different school websites to get an idea for our website which we will design for out media assignment. What i focused on was the layout of the website, i.e. the shape and set out of the home page, how they position the texts and images, different links used and also interactive parts.

i looked at four different school websites. By doing this research my information on different schools have widened my knowledge on how to make a good website.

The first website i looked at was Bishop Justice School http://www.bishopjustus.bromley.sch.uk

On the home page of this website, we see a banner with three pictures fading into one another all on a timer loop, we also see their website colors are related to the uniform which is purple. They also have their logo, and large pictures which relate to which link you will be going too.

The second website i looked at was Bullers Wood School http://www.bullerswood.bromley.sch.uk/

On the Home page of this website, they have a slide show of pictures about the students activities, they also have a banner of the school logo and part of the blazer with the title 'bullers wood school' overlapped. They also have links and information on this page.

The third website i looked at was Newstead Wood School http://www.newsteadwood.bromley.sch.uk/

 On the Home page of this website, its a very basic website with green and white backgrounds and links. there is also a slide show showing the different activities students can endure.

The last website i looked at was Bromley High School http://www.bromleyhigh.gdst.net/

With the bromley high home page we see their site colors which represent their uniform, we see a slide show and links very basic site.

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